dolly gray award

The Dolly Gray Children’s Literature Award honors authors, illustrators, and publishers of high quality fictional and biographical books for child and adolescent audiences that authentically portray individuals with developmental disabilities, such as autism spectrum disorders, intellectual disabilities, and Down syndrome.

Named after a young woman with multiple disabilities and unable to walk or talk, this award recognizes the voices and life experiences of children and youth such as Dolly Gray. Dolly loved stories showing figures with whom she could identify. Perhaps because of her limitations, the concentrated messages books bring about diverse people and places were all the more critical to her. It was in part as if the world shared itself with her through them.

The Dolly Gray Award has been presented every even year since 2000. It is made possible through the dedicated work, creative insight, and funding from many individuals and organizations: The Council for Exceptional Children's Division on Autism and Developmental Disabilities (DADD), Brigham Young University's McKay School of Education, the BYU Harold B. Lee Library, The Foundation for Enriching Families with Disabilities, committee members, and panelists.